Why Failure Is So Important To Success | Liene Uresina
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Why Failure Is So Important To Success

When you get to know someone who is already very successful, you may almost think that maybe that is his or her destiny to experience great things. She may be perfect and genius that’s why she was able to attain success. You could be correct about this. But one thing is for sure, behind that success story, definitely there is first a major setback, a stumble or a failure.

It is funny how sometimes we try to avoid telling people that we made a mistake or that we just failed. We avoid the thought of failure without knowing that we need to celebrate failure.  Why? The famous scientist, Albert Einstein has the answer for this: Failure is success in progress.

For every rejection, error or miscalculations we had, that is one of the baby steps that will lead us to our goal. At some point, an entrepreneur, a person or a business needs to face failure. Here are the reasons why:


 1.Failure is your greatest teacher.

When you fail, you get to create your own “aha” moments. It is through failing that you learn things that no one or not even your own education has prepared you from. You get clearer ideas and form your insights from your discoveries from your own mistakes. Failure is your driving force for making impossible, possible.

2. Failure makes you stronger.

Failure builds that tough person within you. You get to acknowledge your strengths, talents and skills that will prepare you for the next challenge. It eases you into a fearless mindset that prepares you to face the big world that is waiting for yo

3. Failure propels you to reach your potential.

Whether you are reinventing yourself or your business, embracing failure will help you focus on the rewards of success. This will be the mechanism that will open you to reaching your potential. It will unlock new direction or change of perspective. If properly dealt with, this will be the push that will bring you to unparalleled heights.

The next time you meet someone successful, think not just about the sweet taste of success that she or he has attained. Instead, celebrate how this person has emerged from the challenges and failures that started his journey to success.

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