When the Taste of Life Disappears: | Liene Uresina
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When the Taste of Life Disappears:

Liene Uresina's Story About the Last Droplet that Lead to the Major Changes in Her Life


I was featured in this biggest news-lifestyle web magazine in Latvia that I want to share with you

You can check the original version here

Liene Uresina is a woman who, as she thought, had everything - family, house, restaurant business. Despite that, she feels that there was something lacking in her life - and that was enjoying the real taste of life. Fortunately, after taking things in, she succeeded in making a huge change after experiencing some of life’s twists and turns. Now, she is happy doing what she likes best… coaching people to live a better life.

While studying Law; Liene saw a Psychology book, “Behind personal happiness." Admittedly, Liene was very insatiable, ‘I am not exaggerating but I was so interested. I kept reading, I just could not stop. From that time, I realized that I want to help people," says Liene.

When she was still little and asked during her Kindergarten days about her future dream profession, she replied that she would be happy to work as a physician, which is connected with her current profession. "How do I link it to this day? In a sense, today I treat people - I help them to have a proper mindset so that they will have a better quality of life."

Speaking about life, Liene admits - she was a real perfectionist. She always wanted to do everything in the best possible way. She is also very competitive. This was because Liene was a professional Dance Sport performer. In fact, she became a champion in the regionals in Latvia - five times! So, yes, she is also an artist!

In fact, because of being quite an active person which was evident on the dance floor, Liene was also busy making herself better each day. She exclaimed, “I make sure that each day I become a better version of myself than yesterday; it is an everyday mission for me."

After graduating from the University, Liene started working and met her husband, Osman. "We were based abroad where he had his business. Then we realized that this is not the life we want. I had a hard time adapting with the people and the culture. So, we decided to go back to Latvia,” explained Liene.

But what will they do in Latvia? Liene’s husband had already established a big business abroad and now, they need to start somewhere again. How? “To start with, it was the time when crisis hit hard but we found our niche in the restaurant business and made it big amidst the crisis, " said Liene. And that is how the first Turkebab restaurant was opened in 2009. "We were one of the fastest growing chains in Europe," said Liene, explaining that the business had hit its momentum. Liene and her husband had worked hard to make it grow. "I have put all my heart and soul into it. I do not do things half-heartedly. Maybe I even did too much,” Liene concludes, looking back.

Looking from the outside, it was indeed a success on a grand scale. Well, she got everything she thought she needed - husband, house, a successful restaurant business. Yet, she feels empty inside.

For seven years, Liene worked hard, she even works at home or even if she was with her husband.  "In general, I cannot go away from everything,” she quipped.

"Over time, I came to a point when I realized that I lost my taste in life. Not that I do not want to live anymore, but you become mechanical, on auto-pilot so to speak. I realized that it was no longer a joy. I did not understand why I did it. From the outside watching her is a success on a grand scale. She had everything - husband, house, successful restaurant business, but there was a feeling of emptiness inside."

The Last Drop Which Change Her Life to Where She is Now

As Liene tells us, it's difficult for people to live in their comfort zone let alone change their direction even if they feel empty inside, it just does not make any sense! But in her case, she has to do something to make her life better and add more meaning to their lives as a family.

"My turning point, when I realized that there was something that had to be done, was when I lost my baby. There were problems, stress, challenges, it was one of darkest days in my life. Losing your precious angel just like a snap of your fingers. I went out of the hospital and prayed for guidance, peace and harmony then it dawned to me what had to be done. I know women have to make a tough decision no matter what[9] [10]  so I gathered my strength and listened to my heart. Although, it was the lowest point in my life but I decided that something had to be done to make things better," recalled Liene.

"It was crazy enough for me to tell my husband that I would be leaving our family business. After all, the restaurant business was like my child. I raised it like my own, invested my time, energy and effort and literally treated it like my own child." The separation was difficult, at first, he did not understand why I did it at all. I told my husband that I was ready to lose it all! If we have already built a successful business, we can build anything.  Then, I realized that my success was not tantamount to my fulfillment as a person.

It seems to me that today people work like robots – mechanical and apathetic. They forget what they truly want for themselves. They are so busy with the hustles and bustles of life. That's why people are so frustrated. People are afraid to change something, refuse to make a dramatic change. These are the fears that stir people every day.

"I was, and I'm hungry, I want to know plethora of things," Liene describes her appetite for new knowledge. "I was at that juncture in my life that I realized I am ready to change my life for the better." Wishing to do something good, Liene started to read more and went to seminars. "I knew I wanted something for myself, but just did not know what it was. Most women come to a conclusion that they want to turn their hobbies to jobs. "Hence, she turned to coaching. This area is about goals, planning and commitment to fulfillment. "There were a number of things that I really wanted to do. I would like to work like I am not working at all because it is what I really desired for myself – help people, give freedom, change the world for the better. It sounds like a cliché, but while I was working in our family business, I came home and felt anxious, dissatisfied and impatient! Is that what you want to give to your child? The child needs a loving, caring, happy and patient Mummy! Many women do not understand that the child does not need those luxurious homes and belongings, he simply needs his mother to be happy. " archive

Liene explains that coaching in Latvia is not very popular, therefore, she decided to take a bigger step and worked with people who are globally renowned so she hired a team member of Tony Robbin to be her guide (one of the world's leaders in the training and coaching industry). Liene traveled to seminars, participated in events, she then began to live out her dreams and philosophy: help people live the life they truly desire.

"Right now, I feel that whatever challenges that I encounter as long as I am helping other people, I am glad to travel as far as I can," says Liene. Each time she is faced with challenges, she looks back to her motivation – “If I do something, I have to give it my all!

"I know I have everything. I do not mean, materially. I have good health, great opportunities among others." Evidently, the positive changes in Liene, as she says, was also noticed by her husband, who is always helping and supporting him.

Waking Up at 5 am, meditating, sports and new business

Liene’s day starts at five o'clock in the morning.  In her quest as a part of the “Mastermind” group from the book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, she has to talk to like-minded people so she will grow in her chosen field. But since all the members of the Mastermind group are mostly on the other side of the ocean, then her morning should start very early. After an hour of talking with these people. Then discuss ideas and goals with them, Liene meditates. "I'm preparing for the day - I visualize and start the day with a grateful heart in which I consolidate my way of thinking. Then, I will write down my plans for the day. Run for an hour. Then off I go," laughs Line as she outlines her morning routine.

After having breakfast with her family and getting ready in the morning, she takes her daughter to the kindergarten. Only after then that Liene can turn to the second part of the day.

Her business happens in an online environment, advising entrepreneurs in different walks of life. Mostly, her clients are outside of Latvia. She counsels, coaches and trains people from different parts of the world.

If something happens, you can choose - suffer or learn something from it. There are basically no problems, there are challenges. These things make us stronger and better!

"My daily routine is based on my development. I do not procrastinate. I do not watch television. If I read, then I read books on personal development. My focus is how I can grow and how can I help people. My personal mission - to enable people to understand what kind of life they want to live. In reality, people create problems themselves. God creates you, but not with the intention that you would suffer. If something happens, you can choose - suffer or learn from it. There is no problem in essence, these are challenges which makes us stronger and better.”. "

Although Liene's performance at the middle of the day is very effective, in the evenings it is important for her to spendtime with her family. "This is my goal - to strike a balance between my family life and career, and make sure I can spend my evenings with my daughter."

Admittedly, she wondered if she would endure counseling others and would not need someone who could support her. In order for her to give the best to her clients, Liene has two life coaches and another partner. Although, she has now strengthened her vision and perspective, and can work even without them, together she knows that she can work much faster in achieving her goals. The leverage of teamwork and task delegation.

When Woman Feels Suffocated and Decided to Live!

In her coaching experience, Liene faced various situations, but she highlights the most typical problems among women.

"They lose their joy, they are successful because everything is happening, but they lose their pleasure. They sacrifice themselves for all: for the family, for the husband, for the child, for the society, for the work, they forget about themselves." When you are empty, you cannot give anything more.

First, if something happens, the mask should be applied first to yourself and then to your baby or child! But in reality, women use her oxygen mask for everyone forgetting they too need an air. Then soon she will realize that she is no longer capable of anything, she does not have any strength. She has no air for herself. At the end of the day, women should realize their essence in the society. She is a mother, she is a woman, and ironic as it seems she does not want to rejoice of her importance in the family and in nation-building.

Liene says that people often do not know what they want. Even big businessmen, upon hearing this question would shrug their shoulders. " They know their goal and that is to earn a million dollars for example. So, what if you earn a million dollars, what would you do? Yes, you will have a beautiful house, you will drive an expensive car, travel to posh places!”

“But imagine this – what if you will not have a family around you, what will you do if you get sick or lonely? It is necessary to understand the bigger picture. Yes, you will achieve your goals but at what expense? Working day in and day out? Losing in touch with your family and even humanity? How much are you willing to sacrifice? You have to know as to when you should work and enjoy the fruits of your hard work, only then you would feel that sense of fulfillment, happiness and pride,” Liene added."

Liene says that it does not matter whether there are millions in your bank accounts or more, people must, first of all, have a vision of what they want from their lives. A great way to understand, visualize and ponder about it - write on a piece of paper the main things that you expect from your future life: where to live, where to work, what to feel." I believe that whatever the mind perceives, the body conceives. When a person starts to think and writes down these visions on a piece of appear, things start to unfurl and take shape. But if you think of negative things, there will be negative things happening around you.

“People tend to focus on what they cannot do or should not do, thus limiting their possibilities to succeed. If you focus on the positive side of life, positive things happen, you attract the energy that you perceive, That's your choice."

Make it a habit as Liene tells us, to write 10 things in the evening, which we would be grateful for today. "Every day I think of things that I have."

Liene also explains that you are the average of the five people you spend time with. Therefore, if you have good people around you, you have the motivation to keep up!

"My motto: Stop dreaming and start doing," concludes Liene.

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