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My learnings from the last year of running my business

That time of year has arrived once again, the time of year when we look back, reflect, learn from the broader patterns, and make decisions that set the foundation for a successful next year!

 2017 has been a great year of challenge and adventure for me, working in new places, and discovering new friends. This just means my year was filled with valuable lessons & ultimately I became a better person in the process. In 2017 I have met the most wonderful people, attended 7 seminars(3 of them were Tony Robbins seminars). Exploring the world continues to be one of my top priorities in life and I was fortunate enough to make it to some great places this year- Bahamas, Greece, England, Netherland, United States, Spain, Sweden. During my trips, I met over a hundred people that were as passionate about entrepreneurship and personal development as I am. After all my experiences this year I was inspired & determined to use my skills and knowledge to start making a real change. 

So let's take a hard look at the last year and ask very important questions: 

- What did you birth or create in 2017?

- What were the 3 best things that happened in 2017?

- What have you achieved or what are you most proud of?

- What have you learned?

- What have been your top 3 biggest realizations/lessons?

- How have you grown?

- What are you most grateful for from this year?

Your answers to those questions may create a lightbulb moment that sets the tone for a great 2018. 

What I want to do for you today, so I can inspire and empower you to reach levels of mastery, is share with you the top lessons I learned from this past year.

Hope they help you reach victory, excellence, and success in 2018.

1. Add massive value to your clients in any kind. Understand them, listen to their feedback, surprise them, develop a memorable customer experience.

2. Tactics to grow your business really don't matter. Your mindset and state is what matters.

3. Plan your week every Sunday ahead.

4.Focus, Focus, Focus and review your goals every single day.

5. If you want to grow your business you have to invest in personal development.

6. Outsourcing is a brilliant way to make your company more efficient, gain access to expertise that you simply don't have, and help you move into new areas.

7. Only sign on clients who are ready to do the work. They'll get better results, and you'll have great referrals.

8.  Entrepreneurs develop the habit of getting up early. Get up at 5:00 am and your whole life will change.

10. Have your Mastermind or support group. So important to be with like-minded people and have expertise that you don't have.

11. Be patient in your business, success doesn't happen overnight.

12. Step out of your comfort zone EVERY SINGLE DAY.

13. Block your time out while you work. Turn off all notifications.

14. replace word "problem" to "challenge".

15. Build relationships, be interested into them, help them and honor them.

16. Email is only 7 % effective as talking.

17. Be authentic. 

18. Do what you love.

19. If people aren't buying go and find out what do they really need instead of thinking what they need.

20. Don't believe " I don't have time", " I don't have money" excuse. 

21. When you have a great idea, do it NOW.

22. Strive for progress, not perfection.

23. Stop searching for the right answers, start asking the right questions.

24. Take full responsibility for your life.

25 Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth not what you want to hear.

26. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to become better.

27. Honour people and treat them as the important person on Earth.

28.  It is financially responsible to invest in a business coach plus a mastermind, especially when you commit 100%.

29. Every day ask yourself this question: " Who do I need to become in order to have a life I truly desire?"

30. Live in present.

31. Start your day with prayer and gratitude and feel the uneasiness in your body dissipate.

32. Focus on faith instead of fear. 

33. Invest in a team, but keep a low overhead or you'll struggle to profit.

34. Trust the timing of your life.

35. Sleep 7-8 hours a day.

36. Drink 2 liters of water every day.

37. Give without expecting anything in return.

38. Strive to be the best version of yourself.

39. Feed your mind.

40. Exercise.

41. Learn to be vulnerable.

42. Trust your partner. Less control, more freedom, and appreciation. 

43. Your fear, doubt, and worry is a sign you're making everything about yourself, start giving back and serving others instead.

44. Smile, smile, smile.

45. Set goals that excite you.

46. Forgive.

47. Travel.

48. Set deadlines.

49. Always tell the truth.

50. Spend your time with your loved ones, at the end of the day, it is all that matters.

51. Stop making excuses.

52. Love yourself- find time for yourself and do what you really like to do.

53. Serving is good. But if giving makes you feel empty it means that you have forgotten about yourself.

54. Everything does work out and you'll always be okay. No matter what.

55. Build healthy habits.

56. Read at least 2 books monthly. 

Well, that wraps up my 2017 Annual Review. I'd like to close by thanking you for reading. I don't have all the answers, but I'm delighted to share what I learn with you along the way. Here's to a fantastic 2018.

If you have enjoyed reading this story, please give it a 👏 so other people will see it here. As someone who just re-discovered her love of writing this past year, your claps, comments and follows mean the world.

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