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It’s not hyperbole to say that my work Liene has been life changing. When I started working with her a year ago I was in a rut - afraid of success, afraid of money and afraid of change (although I desperately wanted all three). Now I have more money than I’ve ever had, our business is flying and I’m a much happier, more confident person. Like the most transformative things in life, if I’d found out what it involved before I committed to it I probably would have backed out, but I’m so glad I took the plunge. So are my family. We now have a big house, money in the bank and a future that’s looking full of opportunity and abundance. It was always there inside me but Liene knew how to find it and set it free. The fear is gone. We are now working towards unlimited and sustainable success.

Alex Lodge 
Co-Founder @ Virtual Sound


Pavel Jakovlev 
CEO & Founder

The White Spaces


I started working with Liene about 2 years ago. It was a really rough start because I expected results and I expected it fast. Liene did everything she could to help me but I was stubborn and thought that I knew everything already and could do it on my own. Then I didn’t get coaching for a while because I thought it was too expensive and I could do it all on my own. I am very grateful that we did stay in contact because after 2 years I started to miss our coaching sessions.

Then I decided to start our coaching again and this was the best decision I made in years. She taught me that to make my dreams a reality I have to shift from pushing to flowing. Financially I did well already but it was with much stress. With the help of Liene we managed to figure out why pushing didn’t work and what limiting believes held me back from getting exactly what I wanted.
I wanted money to flow to me without much work and although at the beginning I thought it was nothing more than an unrealistic dream, Liene told me that everything is possible if you believe in it. The flipping point came when Liene suggested that I better let go of this taking attitude and start to give. What I was doing for years wasn’t working so I decided to try something else.
Wow, what a lifechanging decision that was!
I am still very much results oriented and Liene gets that. Now we talk every week and while we are talking she is getting deeper inside my mind to figure out what is holding me back. With just the right questions she shows me a fully formed image about the problem and the solution.
In a short period of time we went from overall a 4 to a big 10 in all areas of my life.
If you feel you are not growing as fast as you want, Liene is the best coach you can get because she will get you to the next level.
Thank you Liene!

Rob Michiels 
CEO & Owner Data Impact


Liene is a an exceptional coach. The amount of positive change we achieved during the time we worked together exceeded my expectations. What I loved most about Liene is that she can make you think and look at the things from another perspective. Always asking the right questions and digging deep to understand any limiting believes I had and guiding me through to make a change. Working with Liene was not only transformative to my carrier, but to my life overall. Each session, I left with a newfound realization for how to build my life to be more happy, successful and fulfilled. Thank you Liene for everything and I look forward to working with you again.

Lana Brandorne 
Owner at Sweden Fintech


Liene, Thank you for my amazingly transformational coaching. Liene!!! My life will never be the same.

You became not only someone to look up to and get reasonable amount of kicking in the butt from but also a friend, inspiration and source of positive growth and development energy.

Everybody need a coach like Liene Uresina!

Honestly this fabulous lady is the REAL DEAL! She has a heart of gold, she truly desires to see her clients achieve success and she works really hard to constantly take her skills and qualities to the next level.

Hire Liene today!

DPR Expert & Media Coach


I have been seeking a business coach forever and I have followed Tony Robbins for 20+ years. So the obvious choice was Liene. She is also a working mom who helps women reach their true potential in business. She will help you get out of the rut, she's a miracle to work with.

Sarah Barker 
Owner at SSB Franchise Consulting


I responded to an initial contact from Liene via LinkedIn. I had never received personal development coaching before and to be honest was pretty sceptical.
The timing was probably perfect, as we were going into the Covid 19 lockdown period I was open to receive coaching on simultaneously selling a business, growing another, improving my relationships and becoming the best version of myself .

Liene has proved herself to be very versatile, knowledgeable and strong, exactly what I needed and need!
I would not hesitate in recommending her.

Paul Evans 
Business owner


Liene’s unique set of skills in psychology and business sets her apart from anyone I’ve ever met. Liene is amazing to work with and she’s all about results. Liene has a bag of tricks that come from education and experience that will really take you from where you are you where you want to go. She did it for me. I highly recommend Liene. 

Jeremy Ryan Slate 
CEO, Co-Founder Command Your Brand Media


If you are like me – a high achiever who’s doing well but wants to get to the next level – you need to work with Liene . Working with her has certainly changed my life and, most importantly, it changed my family’s life.

I’ve had blind spots and inner blocks that I had no idea even existed. Liene was able to help me quickly extract them so that I could go to the next level. I’m now a better husband, a better father and certainly a better leader.

The investment with Liene has paid for itself 10 times over, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

William Siebler 
Owner at Direct Response Marketing


It was obvious very early on, that Liene was the person to coach me through my work and home life balance. Paying close attention to what I said, she provided the perfect environment to discuss issues. I felt totally equipped and ready to deal with all my challenges in these areas. She is very discerning and knows what sort of tools to provide, customizing her approach to what I required. This has allowed me to turn things around & achieve the balance I needed to exceed any sort of performance I have ever experienced before in my life. I can’t recommend her enough! 

Darren Veerapa 
Owner at My Tax Guy


Liene Uresina is a rare talent in the field of executive and leadership coaching. Not only is she clear, intuitive, insightful and challenging – all qualities expected of an exceptional high-end coach – but she also possesses uncommon compassion, authenticity and deep wisdom that dramatically enrich the coaching process with her.

I would recommend Liene to any leader who wants to up their game and become truly successful. 

Shehryar Shaukat 
Global Rescue LLC


If you're not yet getting what you want out of life, and if you don't feel the fulfillment that comes from achieving the things your heart truly desires, then it is time to consider taking a fresh look at the way you define success and how you’ll achieve it.

Working closely with Liene, I’ve implemented the proven tools and structures she teaches on her private mentoring to build consistent wealth and fulfillment in both my personal and professional life.

I have set my sights on leveraging my time, clearing toxic dynamics and reaching a higher level of personal achievement by strategically positioning myself to take my business to $500k and beyond.
For me it isn’t a matter of if, but rather of when.

Working with Liene is a real pleasure; her professionalism and insight are invaluable in my business.

Belinda Alvarado 
Owner at M&T Works


Liene is a wonderfully intuitive coach who has the ability and tools to help her clients get their heads around and change the habits that limit them in business and relationships.
She is kind but firm and focussed, Liene helps steer and keep me accountable to myself and the commitments I make to move my life, relationships and business forward.

Michael Kirkham 


Liene has been a unique coach. Sessions with her have not only pulled out the bold person within me but also pushed away my fears. She made me realize the power within me. She has got an answer for every situation and steps to deal with it. I am so blessed to meet her and get her as my coach. Thank you is a small word for her. Respect.

Jay Gori 
Personal Coach


Liene is a great professional, we explored together psychological aspects of my personality that where hidden to me, which resulted in very powerful insights, as well as gave me tools that have enabled me to find solutions to complex problems, that were long time unsolved.

Owner at Luna Nueva Art Gallery S.L. 

Consultant & Investor


If you are reading this, something brought you here. An idea to hire a coach never appears without a reason. I highly recommend Liene as a personal coach, she is amazing woman, exceptionally professional, surprisingly attentive and absolutely loyal. Most of all I admire her professionalism, peace and true interest. It is fascinating how she finds the right words and questions, I enjoy every session, it was my best decision in 2018 to hire Liene.

Dace Aivare 
Beauty salon owner


I came to Liene to grow my business. She changed my life. If you are thinking about getting a coach, stop thinking. Call Liene now. Best decision I’ve ever made.
In the past I have worked with 4 different coaches. Often I would have small successes and breakthroughs. I was struggling with a limiting belief that I had carried on my back for over 20 years. A limiting belief that all of my previous coaches have also been aware of. Somehow Liene could tell intuitively that something wasn’t right and was caring enough to ask. After 30 minutes talking to her in the hotel lobby my limiting belief was gone, and I was hooked. I had found the coach I had been searching for. I have said multiple times to RRI staff, my friends, family, and colleagues that my biggest takeaway from Business Mastery was my new coach.
Liene customizes my coaching sessions. Nothing is scripted. I have no clue how Liene is going to respond, and it is for that reason that I GET BREAKTHROUGHS EVERY SINGLE CALL. She customizes my coaching. I have never heard her say the same thing twice unless I have asked her to repeat it.
Since Business Mastery we have worked on changing my offer. I was reluctant to say the least, but she insisted. After doing so I had profits of over $20,000.00 in the following two weeks with no signs of slowing down. No one came back from Business Mastery with a secret weapon like I did. I’m not shy in saying that Liene Uresina is the next Tony Robbins. I am a very blessed and grateful man.

Malcolm McLaren 


Working with Liene has really helped me to focus on my goals in life, become more confident and understand not only my own behaviour but that of others around me. She is always understanding but challenging at the same time, she knows exactly how hard to push! If you decide to work with Liene she will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to do things you never thought possible. Go see her, you will not regret it!

Sheila Capodanno 
Founder of Yaasocial


Liene has really helped me remain motivated and propel my business forward. I was finding myself torn in a many different directions and she was able to help me prioritize and set attainable goals. Her insight into what I needed to do to get my business on the path to success was invaluable. And she always knew the right questions to ask that helped guide me to make good and practical decisions. I would recommend Liene to anyone working to grow a successful business.

Ornit Goren Agmon 
Business owner


Liene is an empathetic, insightful and extremely talented coach, with phenomenal intuition and emotional intelligence. She has an amazing capacity in listening and a knack for hearing not only what I say, but also what I may not be saying. Her interventions are always powerful and purposeful, and her questions create a space of honesty, courage and passion. Liene has not only helped me navigate through taking my business to the next level, but also in strengthening all other aspects of my life, creating more balance and harmony.

Burju Erdem 
Business owner


Liene recently gave me coaching to support my creative business and plans to expand into a new market. She was friendly and personable and asked insightful questions which have helped me to think about my ideas in a new way. As a result, I have made several changes to my business, and have invested money to get some support so I can spend more time on doing the things I enjoy. She was inspiring to listen to, and it was great to receive advice and feedback from someone with such an impressive business and personal experience.
Liene‘s focus on what made me happy and what I enjoy doing was a great reminder about why I set up my business – something that it can be easy to lose track of in day to day admin. These questions and her unpacking and analysis of my answers were invaluable, and I would highly recommend her services for any business owners who are stuck in a rut and looking to make a change but not sure where to start.

Owner and Manager at Print & Press, London


I decided to hire Liene as a coach because my business was developing fast in a short period of time and I needed professional help to set the priorities both in business and private life. Liene is definitely professional, and a lot of help to stay focused on the priorities and learn to say no to those projects which were not helping me to get where I wanted to be with my business.
Working with a private coach was a new experience for me, and I was lucky to get to know Liene.
In a startup environment, I spend long hours working, but I also have two little kids who need a mom. Liene helped me to find the balance between my work and my family.
For creative people, it’s sometimes hard to accept the price point at which their products have to be sold. This happened to me at first, and I needed help to overcome this fear and my modest approach to my designs and to recognize and cherish my talents. With the help from Liene I feel really proud of the products we make.
Now I am even more motivated to expand further and accelerate my business in Asia.
Working with Liene is such a pleasure. She’s a great listener and goes into your problem very deep to understand how to help. We are all very different and everyone needs a special approach. Liene is the one who finds that special approach and helps you to produce your best result.
With her entrepreneurial background, Liene has a level of knowledge and experience that’s rare among coaches, so I would advise anyone committed to growing a business to get in quick before she books out.

Elina Vanaga 
Founder / Designer


I am a woman who had a stable career but already for about 8 years, I thought of my own business.
I was struggling to find the right idea, where the main criteria would be to find something that is my passion and I do not feel like I am working!
Then on my dream trip to Ecuador, I found the perfect business idea for me.
As this was my first business I have ever done on my own, where I had to be the orchestra at 360 degrees. I needed someone (someone very professional) who helps to structure my priorities and help me to think of my business development.
So I hired my very loved friend Liene as my coach because I knew her business and coaching background. Hiring her- I had no doubt she is the one who is able to help me on my new business path.
It would be impossible if Liene was not a professional. Well- she is -and it worked great! We accomplished what we aimed for. My business development plan was more clear and my personal struggles in believing in myself are over. Liene used techniques that let me find the answers within me and I truly liked that. Liene gave me the invisible KEY to unlock the answers within me.
I can suggest Liene for coaching for 101%. She gives it all - excellent experience, the wonderful passion of what she does and the know- how is there.
It always works when you do what you love and that’s the case with Liene and her coaching. The methods Liene uses in sessions are various but what I liked the most, she helps you to discover yourself things you never knew about yourself.
I was my pleasure to hire Liene as my business coach to start my first new business on my own!

Ieva Ozoliņa - Bērziņa 
Owner at 


Having Liene as a coach is the best gift or investment you can make to yourself. I learned through the coaching process with Liene that I had some limiting beliefs which were preventing me from dreaming bigger. I also understood that I want to make my living out of something that will allow me to enjoy the lifestyle that I value (traveling, flexible working hours, and connecting with people). My new beliefs have empowered me so much! By embarking on a coaching process, you will learn a
lot of your strengths and areas of improvement and will understand what is holding you back so that you can change it to conquer and live the life of your dreams.
Liene is that key that will help you to get to result faster.



I was very lucky to have my first coaching experience with Liene while I was working on one of the biggest projects in my life. The session helped me to finalize the action plan, to realize the missing points and also to deal with my emotions. After the session, I had a clear view on how to achieve my goals.

I felt more safe and confident about my project. I believe that the session was a key element of the project success. I absolutely recommend Liene’s coaching to anyone, either for business issues or private matters. She is the key to success!

Evija Ushukaura 


My experience of coaching with Liene has been life changing for my business and my life. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever invested in.
Liene has a gentle yet powerful way to help you find & create the results you seek. Never pushy or judgemental, always professional, prompt yet direct and compassionate. Liene has taught me new tools and skills that will help guide and keep me on track long after our sessions have finished, which have given me a new found sense of independence and more.
If you have the desire for change then be prepared to expect the unexpected and to look at your work & life with fresh new eyes.
After coaching with Liene makes me feel I can do anything.

Inese Anisimova 


Liene is one of the most generous, ambitious and productive people I’ve ever met!
If you want to grow your business fast all you have to do is follow her suggestions and you will see massive results overnight.
She is a brilliant coach who can show how to turn BIG ideas into successful business.
With her entrepreneurial background, Liene has a level of knowledge and experience that’s rare among coaches, so I would advise anyone who’s committed to growing a business to get her as a coach.

Anda Bushmane 


Liene is exactly what I wanted from a business coach: she’s approachable, friendly, took time to learn about my work and, most importantly, gives insightful and practical advice that helped me reframe how I thought about working with my clients. Her guidance has allowed me to revisit the basics of winning new business and set goals for myself that make me feel very positive about the future.

Jennifer Bradly 
Journalist & copywriter


A Very professional coach with a unique approach, who honestly cared about me and my problem during the session. Had a fruitful coaching session, where I finally found the clarity searched for a long time. Would recommend to anyone who is struggled in some issue or just need a discovery to move forward.

Inga Zarecka 


I had a 45-minute business coaching call with Liene and I absolutely loved it. Firstly, Liene’s English is extremely good and despite the fact she is based in Latvia I didn’t feel as though there was a language barrier at all. She gave me some excellent advice regarding how to market and grow my business and she truly inspired me to persevere and push through with my business idea. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wishes to partake in business coaching as I believe that she will push you to shoot for the stars and beyond.

Paula Macaulay 
CEO & Founder at RAYO


In just thirty minutes Liene was able to pose the poignant questions needed to enable me to reevaluate my whole marketing and costing strategy.
Liene offered an open, challenging, and reflective environment to think aloud, and delivered an encouraging approach to support me in beginning the process of making changes.

Novena Davies 

Professional Coach


I decided to reach out to Liene, as I was feeling lost with my vision and articulating my vision to my team members, so we all follow the same values and ethos. I have previously worked with coaches many times focusing on various topics, but never before about the team, which may be the biggest thing holding me back.
Liene during the call clearly demonstrated that she understood and had a proven record of managing and growing a team in a sector similar to mine. She sympathized and admitted she had been in my position previously and managed to turn things around to successfully grow a business.
The most impactful part of the session for me was realising that perhaps I was more stressed and upset about my team issues than perhaps I had previously realised, Liene was realistic to make me realise that I need to change my behaviours and mindset towards my team if I expect them to succeed, but also that I should be able to expect more from my team members if I put the right boundaries in place.
I now feel more confident in the fact that if I change my team will change, which is something I am in control of, not the team.
I also learned that I shouldn’t always be the one to make sure things get done and my employees should be accountable for their own roles in the business and that by holding regular accountability sessions with my team they will learn to respect me.
Liene will help you weed out the real issues and sticking points that cloud your judgment, she will be assertive yet kind in making you see the issues as they really are and making you act upon your own limiting behaviors. I would thoroughly recommend reaching out to Liene.

Owner & CEO at Beverley Edmondson Millinery


I recently had a fantastic coaching call with Liene. She very quickly picked up what my business was all about and asked some very pertinent questions. Her approach is both professional and friendly and her advice is succinct, helpful and extremely valid in today’s market. I’d definitely recommend.

Louise Siwoku 

CEO & owner at RockStar Read


Liene really knows her stuff. I gained so much clarity on my course of action after a strategy session with her. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone feeling stuck and in need of help building their business.

Marielle Legair 
Global PR and Personal Brand Strategist


Before I spoke to Liene I felt attacked by my own limiting thoughts even though I am a spiritual person, I dedicate time to pray, journaling, reading and my own growth as a woman and as a professional, very committed to my goals, however, something was missing …
After talking with Liene, and giving me some insights to return to my focus and not to stop myself with my own thoughts, I became aware that I was not giving myself devoutly dedicated time to my vision, my dreams and all that I desire to achieve, I immediately set aside the time each morning to be in my inner silence, to meditate and visualize the objectives that I wish to achieve, I have implemented this wonderful habit, in addition to everything I have been doing, to my daily basis, I am very much more focused, motivated and committed to myself.
Thank you Liene since then, you were that spark that gave back the force to that flame that was weakening: my self-motivation!

Dania Ayala 
Success Coach for Business Women of Faith

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