Step By Step Guide To A Perfect Vision Board

A vision board is more than a pretty collage on your fridge.

People say, 'I have a vision board, but it's not working.' 

But I've never heard, 'I'm intentional about my goals, create a strategic vision board, meditate, visualize, and work on my goals daily—and it works!' 

Not until they try my method...

After using my strategic approach, people have manifested:

  • Dream houses
  • New cars
  • Promotions
  • Loving relationships
  • Inner peace
  • Thriving businesses
  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancies
  • Abundance
  • and more...

So, what exactly is a vision board and why is it crucial for manifestation?

Contrary to common belief, creating a vision board involves more than just arranging appealing images. It requires a specific approach to be effective.

It's not just another 'woo-woo' self-help tool; it's a proven method embraced by notable figures like Oprah, Will Smith, Beyonce, Tony Robbins, and many others.

This isn't just about creating an aesthetic collage. It's a strategic process that demands dedication and effort to truly unleash its potential.

Uncover the secrets to creating a vision board that ACTUALLY delivers!

In this exclusive guide, I'll walk you through each step with interactive tasks, so you can leave behind random vision boards and turn your dreams into reality!

By the end of this guide, you'll possess the expertise to design a vision board that produces significant results.

Why spend valuable time on a vision board that falls short?

What's included in the Dream Manifesto?

  • Tasks before creating a vision board
  • Essential mindset shifts
  • Questions and examples for goal setting
  • Questions to help you understand your "why"
  • Recommendations on how to effectively USE your vision board and make it work
  • Reflective prompts for your daily gratitude journal
  • A special gift: guided visualisation meditation
  • Plus, additional tools and tasks to turn your dreams into reality.

Are you ready to manifest your dream life?

Total value - $198

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allow me to share my own story of transformation and achievement

in the past year:


allow me to share my own story of transformation and achievement


  • Maintaining a productive work schedule of up to 20 hours per week.
  • Collaborating with successful clients worldwide.
  • Stepping onto various international stages multiple times.
  • Speaking at the CLO Mindvalley in Dubai and Mindvalley University Tallinn.
  • Cultivating meaningful partnerships with world-renowned brands.
  • Publishing a book that has become a bestseller in the country.
  • Translating my book into English and recording an audio version.
  • Sharing a stage with Dr. Shefali, a renowned figure in personal development.
  • Building a global network of accomplished and inspiring friends.
  • Extending a warm welcome to Marisa Peer as a special guest in Latvia.
  • Initiating the collaborative writing of a new book with my husband, focusing on relationships.
  • Regularly embarking on travels with my family and children.

Are you ready for some transformation stories?

Are you ready for some transformation stories?

What clients are saying about Dream Manifesto:

“Moving from rental apartment to country house! ”

“Received 2 job offers in 4 days”

“Manifested house with a garden”

“Received bonus for the first time in 20 years”

“The company chose me!”

“I am achieving my long-awaited dreams!”

“Found ideal apartment and sold old apartment with best price ”

“Manifested relationships and received a proposal!”