Do you want to have more financial abundance, more freedom, a higher quality of life, to have a greater impact, feel more confident, and experience more joy, meaning, and fulfillment?

If YES, then get over 6 hours of video and audio trainings+ a BONUS workbooks in my 5 week self- study course:

You Can Have It All

Price: 97

The truth is that, the REAL life of an entrepreneur isn’t as simple and easy as what we are posting on social media,

nor as glamorous as in the pictures or the videos we share. 

You and I both know the REAL struggle - Juggling it all, while delivering outstanding results

 and meanwhile trying to maintain balance in the process.

The life of an entrepreneur is full of sacrifice and hard work. 
And even the most successful entrepreneur can feel they are losing their mind trying to juggle work, family, and TIME…. 

But, what if I told you that there is a way to go from 
Stressed, Busy and Unfulfilled TO Purposeful, Free and Adventurous? 

Have you ever wondered how your business and personal life could look like when you have someone who understands your vision, 
helps you map strategic steps to achieve it as well as keeps your accountable through the process?

I truly believe YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL,

and that is why as a gift to you I’m offering you my program

“You Can Have It All” only for today for the amazing price of 97 euros.

(that’s a 350 euro discount!)

You can have it all is a 5-week roadmap for mastering your mindset and setting up the foundations for living your life with intention, fulfillment and achievement. That’s right, we are not meant to settle for as good as it gets. 

With the right guidance you can thrive in all areas of your life.

What They Say About Me

What I can guarantee is that all of my customers to date have been not only satisfied but thrilled and amazed by our results working together, which you can read below in their own words:


Liene is an empathetic, insightful and extremely talented coach, with phenomenal intuition and emotional intelligence. She has an amazing capacity in listening and a knack for hearing not only what I say, but also what I may not be saying. Her interventions are always powerful and purposeful, and her questions create a space of honesty, courage and passion. Liene has not only helped me navigate through taking my business to the next level, but also in strengthening all other aspects of my life, creating more balance and harmony.

Burju Erdem  

Business owner


Liene is a wonderfully intuitive coach who has the ability and tools to help her clients get their heads around
and change the habits that limit them in business and relationships.
She is kind but firm and focussed , Liene helps steer and keep me accountable to myself and the commitments
i make to move my life, relations hips and business forward.

Michael Kirkham


Liene has really helped me remain motivated and propel my business forward. I was finding myself torn in a many different directions and she was able to help me prioritize and set attainable goals. Her insight into what I needed to do to get my business on the path to success was invaluable. And she always knew the right questions to ask that helped guide me to make good and practical decisions. I would recommend Liene to anyone working to grow a successful business.

Ornit Goren Agmon 
Business owner

“You Can Have It All”

Is my 5 Week- Program For The Entrepreneur who is Ready To Master their Mindset and Perform to their Ultimate Potential

​This Program Is for You, IF:

You are ready to stop the constant struggle and trade it for more ease and flow in your life

You are ready to create a clear vision of what it is that you really want and how to achieve it.

You feel like your days and weeks get away from you.

You’re always in reaction mode, versus having a strategy and proactively getting ahead.

You are ready to blaze your own path to success with full confidence and intention.

What’s included in the Program?

A 5-week roadmap for mastering your mindset and laying the foundations for a life you’ve always dreamed of.
Audio + Video + written resources for every module.
Targeted exercises, designed to get clarity, accelerate your growth, and give you a tangible blueprint for success.
Lifetime access to the materials.

What You Will Learn:

Module 1

How to create a mindset for success & for manifesting your dreams

Learn how to stay true to yourself and your vision — even when things get tough

Module 2

The Wheel Of Life. Identify where you are today and where you want to be. 

Create more balance and success in ALL areas of your life

so you can feel truly happy and fulfilled.

Module 3

Create The Life of Your Dreams. What is it that you really want to do with your life?

Through this Step-by-Step Goal Setting Guide you will discover some of the most effective ways to find your own answers to these questions.

Module 4

Transform old beliefs & Master your “self-talk”. 
Get clear on the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life you desire AND deserve!

Module 5

Increase your Game & start taking Massive Action towards getting what you want.

Take action, boost your confidence & create new Empowering Rituals.


Self Confidence Formula

60 Tips For a Stunningly Great Life.

You Can Have It All will accelerate your journey towards personal power, success, and self-understanding.

You’ll receive tools, materials and exercises to help you implement specific components — from feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated to having financial abundance, confidence, meaning, and fulfillment.

Are you ready to have it all?


Life Strategies for the Successful Entrepreneur