You can

have it all!


without fulfillment

is the ultimate failure.

Tony Robbins

Creative And Actionable Coaching For High Flyers

Tired of Your Business Running You? 

Get Your Life Back!

Is business the ONLY thing that is booming in your life?

Do you want to leverage your success in business to gain true fulfilment in your personal life?

With me you can make the jump from business operator to business owner (in the true sense of the word!).

My name is Liene Uresina and I’m a Results Coach for established entrepreneurs.

Let’s create a Success Strategy for both your professional AND personal life.

Because you need to enjoy your life again!

I want you to have it all.

You are the boss, so what’s stopping you?



Life Strategies for the Successful Entrepreneur

Do you feel Rushed, Stressed, Tired and Deflated?

Does this sound like YOU...

  • Checking emails at dinner with loved ones.
  • Turning down friends' invitations for lunch too often.
  • Only lasted two weeks with your New Year's Resolution to get fit again.

If it does, then you might ask yourself…

Do I Run My Business? Or Does My Business Run Me?

Imagine, for a second, that your business is a boat.

Are you the one steering the boat?

Or are you the one rowing?

If your "success" in business is only down to you overworking yourself, is this true success?

If you are too exhausted to enjoy the other parts of your life, then something has got to give!

Ease, Flow, Clarity and Balance in your life. This is essential if you want grow your business and become a more Effective Business Leader.

Achieve this with my guidance.

We'll eliminate everything that is preventing you from having the life you deserve.

You will have financial freedom AND more time to do the things you love.

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I Want You To Have It All!

Who doesn't want more Joy, Freedom or Financial Abundance?

We all know these are the aims of success, but on our own, we rarely know what is blocking us from getting there.

Walk me through your doubts, fears and frustrations. Let's take a step back, together, and see your life and business for what it really is.

I am an expert in Business Success Strategy. We will pinpoint whatever it is that is blocking you from true fulfilment.

How much could you achieve one year from now, if you weren't running into the same old problems?

You Can Be The Next Entrepreneur To HAVE IT ALL With My Guidance:

  • Break through limiting fears that keep you from reaching your full potential
  • Achieve health & fitness goals and have more vitality
  • Develop an unbeatable mindset and achieve massive confidence
  • Master the perfect balance between work and family life
  • Improve relationships with your loved ones
  • Get a clear vision of your goals and take massive action to make it happen

So What Do I Mean When I Say: You Could Have It All?

To “Have It All” is to take charge of EVERYTHING in your life - not just business.

Your business needs to work for you NOT the other way around.

And what business wouldn't flourish with a happier, more focused leader at the helm?

You need a fulfilled and balanced life, with more vibrance and clarity.

Become the calm and insightful decision maker that your business needs.

Having it all is true success!

If you want to take your life and business to the next level with my help then what are you waiting for?

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So Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

When it comes to business, I've walked the walk.

I have run a successful business for over 10 years while managing 100 employees at the same time.

I have coached over 300 people from a variety of business fields.

My methods leverage your strengths and challenge you to perform your best.

Let me be your partner in this exciting and liberating journey!

I am dedicated in taking you from wherever you are now, to exactly where you want to be. You will produce outstanding results along the way!

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If you're not yet getting what you want out of life, and if you don't feel the fulfillment that comes from achieving the things your heart truly desires, then it is time to consider taking a fresh look at the way you define success and how you’ll achieve it.

Working closely with Liene, I’ve implemented the proven tools and structures she teaches on her private mentoring to build consistent wealth and fulfillment in both my personal and professional life.

I have set my sights on leveraging my time, clearing toxic dynamics and reaching a higher level of personal achievement by strategically positioning myself to take my business to $500k and beyond. 
For me it isn’t a matter of if, but rather of when.

Working with Liene is a real pleasure; her professionalism and insight are invaluable in my business.

Belinda Alvarado

Owner at M&T Works

Liene has really helped me remain motivated and propel my business forward. I was finding myself torn in a many different directions and she was able to help me prioritize and set attainable goals. Her insight into what I needed to do to get my business on the path to success was invaluable. And she always knew the right questions to ask that helped guide me to make good and practical decisions. I would recommend Liene to anyone working to grow a successful business.

Ornit Goren Agmon

Business owner

Liene is an empathetic, insightful and extremely talented coach, with phenomenal intuition and emotional intelligence. She has an amazing capacity in listening and a knack for hearing not only what I say, but also what I may not be saying. Her interventions are always powerful and purposeful, and her questions create a space of honesty, courage and passion. Liene has not only helped me navigate through taking my business to the next level, but also in strengthening all other aspects of my life, creating more balance and harmony.

Burju Erdem 

Business owner



Life Strategies for the Successful Entrepreneur

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